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A blog dedicated to all the songs that are used in the show 'Reign.'
A blog dedicated to all the songs that are used in the show 'Reign.'

"Inquisition" Complete:)


  • SonWarpaint
default album art
Warpaint · Warpaint
2287 Plays

Mary tells Bash her heart is open to him; Catherine gets dressed up and contemplates what to do with the poison; Mary has a bath prepared. 

Son - Warpaint

"Sacrifice" Finished


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Ben Howard · Every Kingdom
2297 Plays

Bash & Mary drip their blood on Isabel’s grave as part of a Pagan rite; Bash tells Mary that if they wed his duty will be to her not a country. 

Promise - Ben Howard

drewhhr asked: Hello, I just read your post about "I'll Be the First" and you had mentioned that you couldn't find it. I just wanted to let you know that the song hasn't been released yet. The record should be out later this year. I just wanted to let you know. :/

Thank you!! I thought it was something like that, but i wasn’t sure. Thanks again for letting me know!

default album art
But That Can Wait
Jaguerra · Hue
1087 Plays

Isabel holds her baby girl.

But That Can Wait - Jaguerra

"For King and Country" Completed


I’ve tried to find I’m Gonna Be the First (aka the song where Francis beats up Bash in 1x08) everywhere, but the only version I can find is one that’s live and has a whole minute of a different song in the beginning. And it’s on youtube.

So if you guys can bear with it and want the link, here it is

I’ll keep my eyes open for it, but I haven’t seen anyone else post it or anything. Sorry!!

default album art
Daughter · If You Leave
1253 Plays

Bash tells Mary that he can’t believe he’s to become king. 

Amsterdam - Daughter

default album art
Fuel to Fire
Agnes Obel · Aventine
929 Plays

The girls watch as Catherine gets ready to leave the castle.

Fuel to Fire - Agnes Obel

Anonymous asked: Hi, are you planning to upload the soundtrack for Episodes 9 and 10 anytime soon?

I am so, so, so, so, sorry!! I’ve just been super busy lately so I haven’t been able to… I’m hoping to get everything up before the next episode. If anyone needs it, there’s actually a youtube account that looks up-to-date and so yeah.

Super sorry!!

Anonymous asked: where do you get the album art of these? i searched for the album art for follow but it is different

Oh, wow, um to be honest, some of the album art on this blog is very unofficial… I don’t mean them to be, but some songs/artists don’t have an official album so I either have to use the Reign logo or one I found on google. But the more known songs are typically on Amazon, so I use the art from there.

Anonymous asked: I tried your procedures but I cant' download the music files from your tumblr. I am using firefox, I cant use Google Chrome.

I’m so, so sorry, but I’m not too sure about how to do this since I’ve never used firefox. However, I did find this link, and it looked pretty helpful. I think it requires you to get an extension called Greasemonkey…? Anyways, if this doesn’t help you, then I can try to look for another tutorial… No promises that I can find anything, though!

Good luck!! :)

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French Wives · Dream of the Inbetween
4337 Plays

Mary informs the French court that she will lay no claim to the English throne; Francis tells Mary he will never let her go; Sebastian offers to accompany Mary on her journey. 

Younger - French Wives